Why oxygen service valves have limited availability

Oxygen is a valuable element that when combined with another element can create a completely different product.  Oxygen is responsible for rust taking place with metals. When a job requires working with oxygen at higher pressures, oxygen control becomes an arduous task to achieve and cost much more than when working with our substances. It is a fact that at a given temperature or pressure gaseous or liquid oxygen will react with all organic or KP-LOK inorganic matter differently. Such reaction may result in fire or expulsion at very high magnitude according to the pressure or temperature of the environment.

The above introduces us to the state of oxygen and achieving highly technical design and production of the right caliber of valve that will function in oxygen control environment to meet safety needs. The valve that will control oxygen must have a working system that is completely grease free. Producing such high-end valve won’t come cheap!

Valves for oxygen procurement process will go through most challenging criteria defining-process for the end user to meet its project objective. Engineering works are meant to serve humanity and not pose a danger to it. Every engineering process must meet well defined manufacturing quality control standards. On the part of manufacturers, the time it takes to produce one valve for oxygen service will serve other lines of valve production with much more profits than will be invested in oxygen valves.

After learning about the requirements for manufacturing oxygen control valves, one can sum up the reason why oxygen service valves are limited in supply as follow:

  • Safety need. Every organization dealing with oxygen need is aware of the impending danger in case of an accident. Many who deal with oxygen are aware of its greater influence on other elements when they meet under certain environmental conditions. This reason makes the client demand valves that will meet certified safety assurance and compliance.
  • Quality assurance. Safety standard organization and each user safety department require the oxygen valve manufacturer provide the safety measure from manufacturing point to the final delivery. This is easier said than done and it’s better not to venture than getting into avoidable problems.
  • Hard to achieve standards. To produce a valve without grease is hard to make considering the way valves work. But grease in an oxygen control valve will eventually react with the oxygen and cause a problem. Of course, it can be achieved, but at a higher cost, these most valve manufacturers find this too deep to jump into.
  • Premium quality valves. Producing premium quality valve for the limited demand for the product isn’t making economic or business sense for most manufacturers. The number of the end user for oxygen-related application is short on order and what goes into a premium quality product is best for a broader market.
  • End-user custom needs. One end user’s need for valve control will differ from another client. With each client having peculiar need, this will be unprofitable for the manufacturer to venture into as a business.

Why oxygen service valves have limited availability

Producing valves for oxygen control requires a different design and manufacturing approach with general design and approach for other valve use needs. Valves for oxygen control require high standard production approach to produce premium quality, delicate user taste design. While the reasons may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer according to individual reality, the painstaking efforts needed to manufacture such valves and the seeming uneconomical side of it is some of the reasons valves for oxygen service are in limited supply.

Posted by Hugh Finley