Getting the Best Results for the Perfect Tandem of Steroids

Due to their similar effects, these two steroids- Anavar and Winstrol are used to compare with each other. Both are perfect for the cutting cycle when you desire to get rid of fat before adding muscle to your bodybuilding routine. You should be aware of the drug imprint information to help you decide whether or not you will be taking these two, or which one of them will you use? This will assure you to get both substances working for your goals. Although they have the same chattels, Winstrol and Anavar cycle can have collegial profits that will surely add to the best results.

Initiating Anavar

Anavar is considered as one of the mildest steroids. Women experience more side effects compared to men. If they take more than 15 mg a day, there is a high risk for acne or worsening of acne, enlarged clitoris, developing a deeper voice, and excessive facial and body hair growth. More women are using Anavar because of its low androgenic effects. Since this is known mild, you may hear just a few reported gastrointestinal problems like the feeling of fullness, diarrhea, lack of appetite, and nausea. Anavar is used in season and off-season for bodybuilders who are preparing for competitions as well as challenging athletes. It is believed that Anavar can increase strength. It helps athletes and bodybuilders to push more themselves harder during their trainings and workouts. As long as you follow the correct dosage and do not exceed the safe limit, Anavar has no toxic effect on the liver.

Getting the Best Results for the Perfect Tandem of Steroids

Initiating Winstrol

This steroid contains Stanozolol and it comes either in an oral tablet form or drops or in an injectable form. Bodybuilding is the main purpose of Stanozolol or one way to be ready for any sports competitions. Winstrol has the potential to provide you a stronger look to the muscles, especially if taken properly and in a stack with a calorie condensed diet that is rich in protein. An injectable type is much more beneficial and commonly favorable by most athletes and bodybuilders as well. Winstrol Depot is divergent, since it is not capable of disintegration in oil, but just in water as some other steroids show. The main use of this compound is for the best preparation for the clash and reaching the body building’s goal. However, Winstrol is seldom used with burning process of fat loss like Anavar. It is not known as an effective in losing muscle tissues protection for the athletes.

Combining Anavar and Winstrol together for a cutting cycle

If it is hard for you to decide between one and the other, you should try taking Anavar with Stanozolol pills because it is quite common in the cutting cycle. Some said, adding Clenbuterol to the stack can also give you even best results as well. Here are the suggestions below that can help you decide which stack if great for you to pick. The following are the recommended supplements for best stacking.

  • Anadrol
  • Clenbuterol
  • Winstrol

Stacking cycle for beginners:

  • Week 1 to 8
  • Cycle of 8 weeks
  • 100mg Anadrol per day
  • 100mg Winstrol for each next day

Posted by Hugh Finley