CNC Machines for Stone

It is typical trouble for rock bathroom and kitchen counter fabricators that their CNC machine leaves noticeable lines after profiling the marble or granite edge which results in a not so shiny finish as desired. The lines are unavoidable on accounts with a huge flat area like the ‘T’ account yet also on all the various other profiles a lot more or much less. One is the rock itself regardless if it is all-natural stone like Granite and Marble or manmade (engineered) rock.

On some accounts and stones it is feasible to restrict the lines to a minimum by running the brightening wheels forwards and in reverse 3-4 times and transforming the Z worth up and down by a minimal amount (0.005 mm) for every single run, which could not be possible to do with every account.

Eliminate Noticeable Lines in Granite Accounts

One more choice is to buy hand run a 400 grit pad after the CNC has run all the metal wheels and prior to the brightening wheels. That aids to maintain the polishing devices in good shape however it is extra handwork which disturbs the typical operations on the CNC machine. Dressing the profile ruby wheels on a regular basis with the right dressing rocks will assist to keep the lines to a minimum. There are also special devices called line-breaker and line-buster to name a few which may result in a far better finish.

CNC Machines for Stone

If you contrast the hand polish procedure with the method the cnc machining works with a profile after that you could acknowledge where these lines are coming from and why it is tough to obtain eliminate them. On the CNC Machine the device is spinning parallel as the machine activity. There is no cross movement of the devices and the CNC machine movement.

Just see what takes place when you hand gloss, the tool spins throughout the activity you do manually. That activity is just what gets rid of the lines and that is not feasible with a CNC machine up until somebody makes a machine head which functions the same way as hand sprucing up. It is skeptical that this is also possible.

Posted by Hugh Finley