Why It Would Be Better To Trust People Less

There are instances when a lot of folks would have thought that it would have been better to have trusted the other a little lesser.  I would like to narrate one such instance which happened on a visit to the city of Cannes a little less than a year ago.  It was basically a sightseeing trip organized by three of us and in many ways it could be the easy ducks that most people consider tourists to be that could have given rise to the unfortunate set of incidents.

A brief narration of the incident

The three of us had used the platform AirBnB to have an accommodation booked at Cannes and our host was Steeve Monterin.  There really was not much to tell him apart from the usual hosts that are on AirBnB and there was not anything to speak of any untoward experience as such.

We arrived at Cannes as planned and promptly checked into the allotted accommodation, an independent apartment.  Most days were spent outside the accommodation taking in the sights and sounds of the place.  It was on the return to the premise on a particular day that some person belongings of ours were found to be missing.  Enacting out a thorough search did not yield any success either.

Steeve Monterin as duly informed and he did come to the apartment.  A detailed search was carried out in his presence and still there were no sight of the property either. We then suggested that the law enforcement authorities be called in to take cognizance of the matter but Steeve was adamant not to use the police but to utilize the facility being provided by AirBnB to register our concerns.

Further to the incident

A damning review of the treatment handed to us by Steeve Monterin was recorded which as then deleted by the administrators at AirBnB.  It turns out we had posted very explicit material which went against the policies of the website.  Despite our protestations to the contrary, it was soon evident that Steeve had pre-empted us by submitting some doctored images of our stay at Cannes in his apartment.

Not only did AirBnB refuse to hear out account of events, it soon became evident that Steeve Monterin could well be a habitual offender.  There were other instances in the recent past where he had used doctored images and pictures to get away after having robbed people of property while staying at his apartment.

Why It Would Be Better To Trust People Less

We do hope we can contribute to better educating the potential future visitors to Steeve’s facilities and to be wary of how things can go horribly wrong and half way across the globe from home.  It was very evident that there was some kind of complexity of Steeve Monterin in the matter as there were no attempted break in signs and all signs pointed to someone making an entry with another key.  I do hope no one else has to be put through such a harrowing experience.

Posted by Hugh Finley